About Us

Ben Snyder Copper Black ServicesCopper Black Services, L.L.C. was founded April of 2015 by Ben Snyder. It is a consulting firm that focuses on the structure of organizations.  He earned his M.A. in Organizational Transformation & Leadership from the University of Dubuque in 2009.  Via Copper Black Services, Ben strives to become a difference maker for people, companies, and communities.

Ben argues that we are in the biggest shift of human history. How we perceive, create, and act is not just another era in humanity; it is a new set of physics for who, what, how, and why.  This is a difficult time for people and organizations because the future is uncertain, while the complexity and speed keeps going up.

Ben is in a word: balanced.  Born in 1983 he is part of a small generation between Gen X and Millennials.  Growing up he lived with his grandparents and parents who spoon fed him the stories of the Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation.  His dad was a civil engineer from a nuclear family.  His mother had a large extended family full of pastors.  He was born in Texas and at the age of six his family moved to New Jersey, about 20 miles from Manhattan.  When he arrived in Iowa in the early 90’s his accent at the beginning was a little. . . odd.  His life is full of unique experiences personally and professionally and this has enabled him to be a man of many things because he understands when to push and when to pull.  He is extremely perceptive about seeing what others don’t.

As a big brother he is a natural leader, teacher, and caring mentor and this is carried over the excellent work of Copper Black Services.  Ben once said “some may consider me a terrible business person because in the end I don’t care about money; I care about the mission of organizations, the employees, and constituents.  If I do a great job in helping those three groups find a sense of purpose, meaningful work, and quality outputs, my bottom line will take care of itself.”  Ben is a divergent thinker and yet relies on proven traditional tools and approaches to help his clients.



We have knowledge, experiences, and many tools at our disposal.  Copper Black advocates for:

  • Divergent Thinking
    • Our expertise is full of proven methods, but we are not afraid to be bold and innovative. We thrive on thinking ‘outside the box’ and finding new ways to solve problems.
  • Organic
    • More than anything else we believe in teaching. Learning is the best business model.  We want to teach you how to fish.  True success for individuals and organizations comes from authenticity and the pride of ownership.
  • We are Analytical and Qualitative
    • We have a great synergy between what the data shows and the stories that people tell us.
  • Efficient
    • Our services are surprisingly effective at managing time, budgets, the uncertainty that can come from not knowing what comes next.



In his spare time he enjoys riding bikes, hiking, reading, and going to movies. Ben is actively involved in his community. Currently he is:

  • Board Member – State of Iowa Interior Design Examining Board

  • President – North Liberty Kiwanis
  • Board Secretary – Friends of the Animal Center Foundation
  • Leadership Council Member – EPIC Iowa City Young Professionals
  • Next Gen Summit – Committee Member
  • Member – Iowa City Noon Rotary
  • Member – Johnson County Jaycees
  • Mentor – Big Brothers Big Sisters
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