Culture Matters

Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a structure that is a copy of the organization’s structure.

– Conway’s Law


Every organization has a workplace culture

Is yours functional?

Culture drives success and failure. It is definable and measurable.

It is the source, the proverbial fountain of youth for every organization.


Workplace culture is a buzz word, and the graphic below proves it. Research shows that overwhelmingly we know culture is essential, that it adds value, and that it influences everything. And yet we fail at understanding and implementing it.


Culture is how we perceive, create, and act. Without it none of the features below matter:

  • Strategic planning
  • Location
  • Talent
  • Unique product or service
  • Capital
  • Branding
  • Leadership


Every organization has three levels, and all three are important. The outer two levels in the graphic below are easy to spot, but they are more associated with the day to day activities of the organization. The core success of your organization lies in how:

  • it perceives the environment around it & what it views as reality. . . we all know there is a difference between expectations on paper and how things really are
  • the character of the organization. . . is your organization top down hierarchy or does it have a flatter structure of how things are done?

These three qualities below need to be in alignment!
People in your organization need to be aligned with the same vision of the inner core. Its like an apple. The skin of the apple is what we see until we peel back the layers to the seeds of success.

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