Mobile Bicycle Advertising

Copper Black knows the power of bicycle driven advertising. Why? Because it presents the perfect balance of effectiveness and efficiency for your business!

Advertising by bicycle introduces something new and unexpected to the landscape that draws attention. Your ads can get into spaces where traditional media cannot. Mobile advertising is perfect for commuters in congested slow moving traffic, farmer’s markets, sporting events, and so much more! Book a meeting to learn more!


FACT: People spend 20 hours per week in their cars traveling the same route, mostly 25-35 mph in congested traffic

FACT: 94% of people remember a mobile billboard, but more importantly 80% remembered the content of the ads

FACT: 68% make their shopping decisions while in the car, and 72% shop on their way home from work


FACT: Mobile billboards increase sales by 107%




  • Print, static billboards, TV, and radio are much more expensive and risky methods and digital campaigns require time and strategy. Copper Black Saves you time, energy, and money!
  • Average of $6.00 per $1 spent
  • 40% boost in effectiveness for digital search when paired with Copper Black
  • 14% increase in for print ads when combined with bike advertising


  1. Choose a route package (or work with us on a customized route)
  2. Choose a vinyl banner size or our double sided digital ad box with 55″ screens (high quality slide show or videos) and downloadable ads via wifi
  3. Submit content or utilize Copper Black on the graphic design
  4. You’re all set! You can access a map of your ad moving live through the streets and video.


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