How It Works

If you’re a business, a nonprofit, or someone putting on a fun event you need Copper Black to advertise for you! We are unique because we do it by bicycle. It’s mobile advertising with a face; relationship building on the street.

We go where other advertisements can’t with moving billboards. If needed we hand out swag or fliers for you. We educate ourselves to be your ambassador.

  1. We help you choose the right size (click here), design, and materials.
  2. Work with a printer (we like PIP) to get the banner produced.
  3. Pick the routes, times, and dates for you ad to run.
  4. Sit back and watch us move on a live digital map.

What’s included:

  • Banner(s)
  • Ability to hand out swag or flyers
  • Social media tags

We also have the ability to run advertisements on a digital trailer:

  • 2 55″ Tv’s
  • Can run a slide show of ads or play videos
  • Viewers can download ads via WIFI
  • Can ‘gamify’ this service to be interactive and have people search out your brand


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