Change Management

Organizational Change

It’s 2019 and change is the mantra! Copper Black’s approach utilizes proven techniques and tools but is also divergent in understanding the new expectations and how organizations work in today’s world. Read more about what is driving change in the workplace here. After diagnosing your organization our role is to be present during the change process to ensure that initiatives (big or small) align with the organization.

The impact and outcomes of culture are measurable. Your culture drives revenue, turnover, recruitment, onboard, productivity, quality, processes, etc. It is a must #1 priority. The day to day suffers if the culture is not managed.

Our mission is to ‘teach’ not ‘do’. We want to help facilitate transformation in your organization so it is organically driven. We start with assessing your workplace, board, or community organization. We examine three aspects:

  1. Identity, values, and characteristics (comprehensive, by department, age, job role, etc.) As Simon Sinek illustrates this is where we focus on the ‘why’ of your organization. We measure and define the gap between who the organization is and who it feels it ought to be.
  2. Link these traits to how the work gets done on a day to day tangible basis via data collection.
    Qualities such as:

    • Empowerment / Engagement / Ownership over work
    • Team Work
    • Capability / Growth
    • Collaboration/ Coordination between teams, departments, or levels of management
    • How conflict is worked out
    • Communication
    • Innovation
    • Core Values
    • Ability Change
    • Customer Focus
    • Learning / Training / Skill building
    • Vision
    • Strategy
    • Goals
    • Equality
    • Systems / Processes
    • Life cycle stage of the organization
  3. Interviews and observations help validate and specify what is working and where help is needed from the data.



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