Close your eyes. Imagine sitting on top of a mountain. Lost in the wilderness you are looking for perspective.  What do you see? Other distant peaks perhaps? After sitting for an afternoon you will begin to notice patterns and unique features.  You might notice the behavior of the clouds and where the treeline begins.  The topography of the land is easier to read.

Now imagine that you begin to hike down the mountain side.  Your perspective changes and a plan takes shape. As you make your way into the trees you start to pay more attention to the ground under your feet as you smell the cedar trees and wildflowers.  You notice animals and the differences between the bugs.  Finally you arrive at the river in the valley. You can see how the snow and rocks that flow from the mountain top impact everything below.

This is VISTA.  A way to understand your organization in breadth and depth, and from top to bottom.  You are not lost in the trees or isolated on the mountain. You understand the whole ecosystem.

VISTA is an new innovative way to understand and move your organization.

better you + better me = better us

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